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FAQ - Customized EDI Solution

What is EDI?

With more companies getting connected to Internet, EDI is the protocol for conducting highly structured inter-organisational exchanges. It is a mechanism for companies to buy, sell and trade information.

Why should we move to EDI?

You should move to EDI for speedy and accurate transactions with your trading partners and to stay ahead in the competition

What does EDI implementation involve?

Develop maps, onboard trading partners around the world, implement new communication protocols, and integrate to ERP platforms.

Will you do it for us?

Yes! We can make you EDI ready.

What are the benefits?

  1. Internet EDI(AS2) cuts cost
  2. No sophisticated infrastructure required
  3. Major customers prefer trading over the web
  4. The AS2 protocol for Internet EDI provides certificate based encryption for security and data compression for better performance.
  5. A large supplier can buy a single EDI web package which will work for all customers rather than having to buy different software for use with various VANs its customers use.
  6. No third party network services required.

What if we don't move for it?

You can save more by moving over to web-based EDI. Your customer prefers you to trade over the web.

How long will it take to move?

It is based on your Trading Partners. Usually it takes about 8 days per trading partner.

What if we are happy with our VAN network?

There is a dramatic increase in performance when trading partners move from dialup connections to high bandwidth web connections.

Is Internet EDI secure?


Will the transactions be fast over the internet?


How do we implement EDI?

We help you get EDI ready starting right from strategy planning till implementation followed by live support. The EDI set up gives your company a marketing edge over others in connecting you with your customers to whatever domain they may belong (apparel, retail, finance, healthcare and so on)

  1. Study and review of business strategy
  2. Identify the business area for EDI implementation
  3. Development of the EDI solution
  4. Creation of EDI as per the trading partnerís EDI guidelines
  5. Integrating EDI with the internal systems
  6. Testing of the EDI system
  7. EDI system Deployment
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