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Learning Solutions

In today's world, education is the most important factor that drives performance. Our clients understand the value of providing quality education in effective and innovative ways. To enable them in empowering their organization or institution through education, we offer state-of-the-art solutions such as below to enhance classroom teaching, distance education, and corporate training.

  • TheKidsDiary:

    Learning Management Solution tailored for the Kids Next-Gen. Click for more

  • University Delta:

    A complete University and Campus Management Solution. Click for more

  • StudyScore:

    Easily create and manage tests/assessments and generate certificates. Click for more

Talent Management

Organizations today face challenges at various levels. They have continually changing business imperatives such as globalization, cost optimization, shifting demographics, improved quality and innovations, reduced product lifecycles etc. Organizations must make sure that their employees are well-equipped to adapt and deliver to meet customer satisfaction requirements even in the face of these challenges. They need to identify goals and performance indicators for employees at various levels, quantify the current level of skills required to meet these benchmarks, impart necessary corrective training to fill the gaps, ensure that the trainings have indeed helped by way of measuring performance improvements post-training. We help our clients conduct these and many other supporting talent management activities by way of our following products:

  • OptiPerformance:

    A well-designed product to define and improve employee performance. Click for more

  • OptiTalent:

    A complete solution to manage the most valuable asset of your company, i.e., your talent pool. Click for more

Customer Relationship Management

We offer customized solutions to suit your data management needs and campaign management process. We also lend a helping hand in the form of our solutions for loyalty programs so that you can be prepared to face challenges in retaining customers despite aggressive new entrants, evolving markets, and volatile economies. All these CRM solutions are available as following individual modules or as composite bundles to suit your exact needs. Click for more

  • iHexa:

    Perfect solution for Telemarketing and Call centers.

    iHexa Loyalty:

    Complete solution to manage the loyalty points and cards.


    A Ticket Management solution using live Chat and Email.

Survey Solution

To address the common needs of our customers, we have also developed a simple survey solution. This helps our clients gather data for analytics that they can use for tuning their business.

  • ActualPoll:

    Highly intuitive Solution to Develop and Manage Surveys and Polls. The results can be analyzed using the advanced tools provided. Click for more

e-Governance Solutions

Electronic Governance is the application of Information Technology to the processes of Government functioning to bring about

  • Simple
  • Moral
  • Accountable
  • Responsive and
  • Transparent Governance

Electronic Government has emerged as one of the flagship applications with aspiration to employ multimedia and network technologies to re-invent the way the government works. This IT enabled government will ensure better transparency and services to the public. If you are looking for an e-governance solution, SSPL can help you create and executive a range of solutions.

m-Governance Solutions

Mobile-Governance or m-governance is the use of mobile technology and mobile services as a communication platform to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of governance. This is largely used as a two-way communication services channel between the government and citizens or an organization and the public.

Secured Identity and Access Solutions

SSPL provides Secured Identity and Access Control solutions built using smart cards and RFID cards. These solutions can be used in the following sectors:

  • Government
  • Central Government
  • State Government
  • Defense
  • PSUs
  • Research
  • Airports
  • Financial
  • Managed Access
  • Loyalty
  • Gift Cards
  • Club Membership
  • Corporate
  • Employee ID
  • Access Control
  • IT Log-on
  • Time & Attendance
  • Education
  • Student ID
  • Library
  • Debit card
  • Other Services
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